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Peyronies disease and erectile dysfunction

Peyronie's Disease & Erectile Dysfunction

Many men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease also experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED). While some patients may have had some problems with sexual dysfunction prior to the onset Peyronie’s Disease, most will find that their ability to have full erections will diminish as the disease progresses

There is a direct correlation in both conditions and it is possible to treat them simultaneously.

In order for a male to have an erection, in the region of 20 times as much blood as normal needs to swiftly flow and be held within the penis. The increased blood flow swells up the penis until it becomes hard and rigid.

With both Peyronie’s Disease and ED, plaque forms in the blood vessels impeding this flow and preventing a full and satisfying erection.

With Peyronie’s Disease this is exacerbated and becomes more pronounced with a lump of plaque generally forming on the side of the penis. As a result, this side of the penis cannot expand as normal and when an erection takes place it results in a bend in the penis.

A beneficial side effect of breaking down the Peyronie’s Disease plaque is that it clears and rejuvenates the blood vessels in the penis. So, men undergoing the treatment will not only have a straighter penis but will also have the ability to maintain a stronger and longer lasting erection.