Peyronie’s Disease & Your Sex Life

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Peyronie's disease and your Sex Life.

Peyronie’s Disease & Your Sex Life

The impact of Peyronie’s Disease (PD) on Sexual Intercourse and relationships can have a catastrophic impact on a patient as well as that of their partner. Many couples ignore penis curvature for months or years before seeking any medical advice.

Unfortunately, the majority of men and their partners suffer in silence not knowing about available treatment and how this can rejuvenate satisfactory intimacy. Talking about the condition of your genitals should be as acceptable, for example, as talking about your digestive health.

With around 10% of men in the UK suffering from PD, the problem is far more prevalent than previously thought.

Many people living with Peyronie’s experience anxiety and depression because of the condition. These feelings can also lead to challenges with sexual function, so the symptoms often compound each other.

PD often causes pain during erections, but this doesn’t only cause pain to those living with it, it can also make sex uncomfortable for their partners. Plus, there are many instances where couples are no longer able to engage in certain sexual activities they enjoyed before the onset of PD.

The severity of the problem depends largely on how far the penis is bent.

Peyronie’s Disease Left Untreated

If the penis has a curvature of 10% then this will likely have little impact on overall sexual function. But if the curvature of the penis is 30 degrees or more, or occurs around the circumference, rather than on one side of the penis, then sex can be very difficult and in some cases impossible. Intercourse will also likely be further impaired by the onset of erectile dysfunction due to the changes of blood flow through the penis.

The increased curvature in the penis can also lead to further trauma and pain during sex, leading to further inflammation and scaring. That is why we recommend that men should not delay in seeking medical advice when experiencing this problem.

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