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Peyronie's Disease Client Testimonials

“I went through Peyronie’s disease during a marriage break up. It left me feeling broken, deformed and hopeless. How could I ever start a relationship again? I was going down the path of having penile implants and stumbled across an article about this therapy. This was the turning point of my life. I am now in a new loving relationship and there is no trace of my Peyronies.CF

“I suffered severe Peyronie’s disease for over 10 years, which prevented me from having sexual intercourse.  Within three weeks of seeing Dr Leon, I was able to enjoy intercourse with my wife for the first time for many years.JL

“I suffered both Peyronie’s disease and Erectile dysfunction and it was a downward spiral. Mansmatters joint protocol treatment substantially increased the power of my erections, eliminated pain and improved the curvature. I was about to have surgery and was thankful I didn’t”.  HT

“I was too embarrassed to speak with my lady GP. I had no idea that I was one of many with this condition. The treatment was almost like magic. I set low expectations and have come away eternally grateful.NG

 Top, top treatment.LD

“I am in a same sex relationship. My sexuality has cost me dear and I treasure it. Peyronie’s disease hit me like a rock between the eyes. First there was pain and then my penis started bending and bending until I was unable to have sex. I can’t thank the team at Mansmatters enough. The treatment was truly remarkable.” JM

“I was referred to Mr Almashan from my medical consultant in Saudi Arabia, the treatment is extremely effective and I am now clear of the condition.PW

“Within 18 months I went from being a normal male to having a curved penis and severe erectile dysfunction. My GP was quite blasé about it and prescribed me pills for the ED. Eventually I was referred to an Urologist who diagnosed Peyronie’s Disease and stated that I needed to have a procedure which involved cutting open my penis, putting in tubes and a silicon reservoir. Not only would this cost me the price of a car, I would never again be able to have natural erections. I found the Mansmatters Clinic and the rest is history. I can now report that for a fraction of the price, I no longer have a bent penis and my sex life is back to normal.” PL

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